1735 Commercial Drive

Days to Remember

Days to Remember

Days To remember

Everyone likes to Save a bit! Just remember these days to maximize your wallet at Kushklub Commercial Drive, Vancouver.

Sunday – Stackup: Get 20% Off when you purchase 14grams or more of Flower.
Monday – Premium: Get 20% Off Premium Brands
Tuesday – Vape: Get 20% Off all Vape Products
Wednesday – Wellness: Get 20% Off Oils, Caps & Sprays
Thursday – Fresh: Check out the latest inventory right in time for the weekend
Friday – Prerolls: Get 20% Off all Prerolled Joints
Saturday – Prerolls: Get 20% Off all Prerolled Joints

Daily deals cannot be combined with any other offer. Seniors, Veterans & Healthcare workers can enjoy a 10% Discount every day of the week with proof of ID.

+19 To Enter, 1735 Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC

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