1735 Commercial Drive

COVID 19 Update.

COVID 19 Update.

Dear Guests,

At this time we are continuing to serve the community during the Covid19 Outbreak and will do so without change in our regular hours of 9am – 11pm.

In order to protect you, our valued guests, as well as our staff we have introduced some practices to assist in Social Distancing:

– We currently do not accept Cash (Debit, Visa, M/C and Apple Pay are fine)
– We are limiting guests in the showroom to help with Social Distancing. Our wait area is set up to allow six Guests and an additional two to three at the counters as we serve you. If we are at capacity all we ask is to remain outside until space is available.
– We are upholding a strict cleaning schedules to ensure that we disinfect and provide a clean and comfortable environment.

Thank you for choosing Kushklub, we will continue to abide by Vancouver City regulations and continue to find new ways to serve your cannabis needs in a safe and inviting environment.

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